Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Day Fifteen Goes Off; 51 Waiting To Be Lit

Happy 4th of July!

I began my morning by deciding it was time to wash the sun room windows. This is a job that has been on my daily list for weeks. After realizing a goal yesterday, I felt compelled to get this task done. I convinced Steve to do the inside while I did the outside. What an industrious start to the day!

I had planned to do a 2-mile jog this morning. I started out, but didn't get far when my body basically told me that this was not a good idea at all. I suppose after two days of pushing it, my body needed a rest. Since it was a holiday, I decided to give myself a break.

The next activity was lunch. Molly has decided to become a vegetarian, so today was going to be her last meal of fish, having already given up beef and chicken. Sam and I accompanied her to Red Lobster where we over-ate. The only thing to do next was go to the mall and have some Dippin Dots. We then took advantage of the sales and each bought two pairs of shoes, since our feet were probably the only body parts that weren't bloated by this point. I also walked into the Talbot's and promptly bought three pairs of pants, all in my "goal size." I was wearing this size a few months ago, so I am hoping this will provide even more incentive. Besides, on sale, the three cost the same as one pair at the regular price, so how could I resist?

In the afternoon, Steve and I headed for the golf course, to play my fifth round of golf. I am halfway to another goal. However, it is definitely time for some driving range practice, as I would have needed a calculator to count all my shots today. After a dinner at Arby's followed by dessert at McDonald's, it was time to return home to vegetate.

Tonight I am thinking about this whole project. It's now been two weeks since I started this. Some goals, such as the sidewalk project and the rounds of golf have been easy to see progress and to achieve. But the weight and clothes size goals are going much slower and are difficult to notice progress, at least the progress I want to see, like slipping into my new pants and having them fall off! Clearly my food issues are still in full force. My story writing seems to get lost in the day. My running goals are moving forward. Where does all this leave me?

I can see progress, but I can also see areas in which I need to work harder. I have been reading daily readings about discipline. I know that discipline is necessary if I am to achieve these goals that I really want, that are important to me. Where do I go from here?

I start by examining my goals:

Golf - playing the rounds of golf is important, because I enjoy it and want to get better at it. However, just playing by itself will not help me get better. I need practice time on the driving range and putting green, and maybe another lesson or two or three hundred.

Weight, clothes size, and food issues - these three go hand in hand. Clearly my food issues are going to circumvent my goals to lose weight and a pants size. I am still continuing to ignore the reasons I eat, justifying sharing two appetizers and adding a dessert at the end of a meal. I still haven't made my alternative activity chart. If I am truly going to attain this goal, I have got to get serious by thinking about what and why I am eating. I also need to push myself when running and exercising to burn those calories.

Running - I am making progress running two miles, and running more on my long runs. But I have to continue to push myself. Today my body was tired, and I gave myself a rest day. But I have to continue to force myself to get out and run, and run a little longer and a little faster.

Writing - I continue to put this task off, thinking I have other things to do, or nothing to write about. Yet I have conscientiously continued to write this blog every night. I am going to have to discipline myself to write stories for my book on a daily basis. Just as this blog has created a habit for me in just two weeks, I believe that if I write on a daily basis for two weeks, a new habit will be born.

So far, I think I've done a good job. But I know there is still much to be done, and I can do better. It will take discipline and clear steps to keep moving forward. But I am encouraged by my beginnings and anticipate my future progress and success.

I have a lot to do and to accomplish. These aren't just goals, but changes I want to make in my life. In turn, I have to change my life if I want to reach these goals. I believe I can do it, and look forward to the journey.

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